Easy Management of Subcontractor Claims

The module is designed for entry of subcontractor claims against a job or project. This allows the set up of subcontractors as suppliers in the system and assigns them to specific jobs or projects, allowing the processing of interim claims submitted from subcontractors for the work done so far. A claim received by the main contractor is then entered through the subcontractors claim form, and is processed as an invoice from that subcontractor.

The module is built to handle both perspectives. So whether you are the main contractor or subcontractor, your interim claims can be easily managed with ABM.

Improve your...
  • progress claims processing
  • management of retention amounts to be claimed or paid
  • accuracy in job cost tracking
  • flexibility in applying discounts and work rates


Cost tracking
Subcontractor work is entered by job, which is then separated into cost centres and stages for easy identification of progress costs. Details such as work and tax rates may be entered and used for claim calculations.

Claims processing
Flexibility in the handling of progress claims means that subcontractor costs can be processed in cumulative or period claim amounts, and can easily adjust for and manage variations as they occur such as discounts. Each claim is also provided with a unique reference number for tracking purposes.

Retention management
If you are the subcontractor, ABM will allow you produce interim payment applications to the main contractor. For nominated subcontractors or main contractors, ABM accurately records retention amounts retained by the main contractor and will prompt for the release of any balance of the retentions amount at the end of the retention period.

Flag individual subcontractors as C2 or non C2 (Ireland only)
If you are engaged as a subcontractor to a main contractor you are obliged to provide a C2 certificate. If not then tax at 35% will be deducted on each payment and remitted directly to the Revenue Commissioners.

Have a look at Job & Time Sheeting.
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