Manage Your Branches in an Easy and Intuitive Way

ABM Branch module allows you to effectively control operations over a multi-branch structure. Manage user permissions by branch, set up specific bank accounts, customer (debtor) and supplier (creditor) lists and even control the visibility and allocation of stock across multiple branches.

Improve your...
branch and personnel management branch reporting

Separate branch operations Assign customers, managers, suppliers, bank accounts, products and jobs to specific branches, allowing only those that are associated to a particular branch’s operations to be used. This allows the accounting system to maintain a clear separation of branch transactions, personnel and assets.

Control user permissions
Create user-permissions on what staff can see and report on for each branch or the entire business, providing controls on staff access and visibility.

Branch reporting
With a separation in accounting, reports are able to disclose how each branch is performing or operating as a unit of the business. Find out which are your most profitable branches and why.
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