See Your Data in a Whole New Light

ABM Alchemex

Advanced Business Manager’s powerful reporting module, ABM Alchemex, gives your business the competitive edge by enabling quick and easy access to real-time information needed for operations and strategic planning. Effortlessly create reports and analyze data from Advanced Business Manager utilizing the familiar Microsoft® Excel® wp-contentlication. Take it one step further with the Advanced Module, and combine with information with any information from any disparate database within your office environment. Improve the productivity of your financial staff, enhance report presentation and streamline report preparation. With ABM Alchemex you can spend more time focusing on information analysis and interpretation and less time pulling the data together.

ABM Alchemex Key Benefits and Features

Smart and Simple
More straightforward to use than other complex reporting tools available on the market, Alchemex Smart Reporting sets itself apart as an intelligent step forward for users who may only be using a spreadsheet program for their current reporting needs. Alchemex Smart Reporting increases your productivity by eliminating manual report preparation, repetitive data extracts and complex back-end data joins to provide you with up-to-date, accurate and presentation-quality reports for informed decision-making, at the click of a button.

A Familiar Interface
Alchemex Reporting software utilizes the Microsoft® Excel® interface — leveraging your current knowledge of Excel to ensure your reporting needs are quickly fulfilled. Automated financial, payroll and other decision-support reports are delivered in Microsoft Excel upon request, pulling real-time data directly from your system.

Not familiar with how to use Excel? Not to worry!
With Alchemex Smart Reporting you don’t simply buy a product, you get access to product and Excel training, material,‘Tips and Tricks’and support mechanisms to get you up and running quickly.

Start Reporting Immediately
With out-the-box and easy-to-use report templates to choose from as part of the product, ABM Alchemex allows you to be up and running with intuitive reporting functionality in a matter of minutes. If needed, custom-tweaking of the template reports is a simple and straightforward process that can be handled by any Excel user.


ABM Alchemx Dashboard - (Represent the old Phocus Dashboard)

Affordable and Powerful

  • Real-time reporting, no static reports – Data is current at report run-time
  • Enhance productivity and presentation-readiness with ready-to-use report templates that are easily adaptable for your custom needs
  • Save time and money by automating financial, payroll, customer, sales, inventory and production reports
  • Access transaction detail with powerful drill-down capabilities from the Excel reports
  • Get graphical representation of information for a complete snapshot overview of your business
  • Perform powerful consolidations across multiple companies or divisions
  • No need to setup data connections within Microsoft Excel
  • Customize your own reports outside of the standard set available
  • Rapidly design your own Financial Reports with minimal effort using the powerful Report Designer
  • Automate monthly managerial report distribution


ABM Alchemex Modules

Report Manager
The Report Manager allows you to author new reports, organize, create and edit existing reports as well as filter and aggregate report data without the need for specialized training or knowledge. This tool also allows you to set permissions and security for reports.

Report Viewer
This tool provides you with basic editing capabilities (filtering and changing of parameters) and drill-down functionality on existing reports/templates. You can provide Report Viewer licenses to staff members who do not need to create new reports.

Connector Module (Part of the Advanced Module)
The connector further simplifies financial managers’ day-to-day operational tasks, allowing access to the information they need from multiple sources and consolidation of data from unlimited ODBC data sources. Modifying data connection details is made easy via a SQL graphical join tool.

Report Designer
This powerful designer tool allows users to build advanced financial report layouts in Excel via a simple, intuitive ‘drag and drop’ designer interface, wp-contentlicable to financial reports only for select install bases. Ships with pre-built layouts to get you started.

Report Downloader
Enables access to an online repository of upgraded and new pre-built report templates, allowing users to quickly and effectively gain access to enhancements made to reports.

Pre-built Report Templates
Alchemex Smart Reporting ships with a powerful set of standard reports and templates such as Financial Reports (Balance Sheets and Income or P&L Statements), Sales, Inventory and Purchasing Reports. Explore your data interactively with the included Management Dashboard which draws information from multiple sources into an easy to understand, unified display. The dashboard view quickly highlights key areas that need to be drilled into for further analysis, for quick and informed decision-making.

Security Module
Enables flexible control of access to databases, report folders, reports and reporting functions. Ensures that access to important or sensitive reports is securely controlled.