Job and Project costing facilities are provided for service industry projects or job manufacturing organisations. Jobs may be analysed by cost centre and split into user defined stages and work types for progress claims and reporting.

Visual warnings are used to indicate projects or jobs which are overdue or have exceeded estimated costs. Job details can also be displayed graphically for a better understanding of the associated costs.

Costs and charges can be automatically calculated, posted and compared to estimates providing effortless workflow. The financial section of the job provides an overview of costs and charges, showing your business’s profitability at a glance.

Estimates and quotes
A simple entry system allows the user to apply costs to a potential job and produce professional estimates or quotations for customers.

Retentions and progress claims
Retentions can be entered either while invoicing a job or in conjunction with the Project Invoicing of progress claims. This allows the user to choose an amount of work value to retain and accumulate through a job’s life, with email alerts provided for due dates on retentions .

Create multiple estimates per job, choose date and value of job to invoice with Project Invoicing, set mark-ups on costs for specific customers.

Assign jobs to managers for monitoring, have them receive email alerts, provide them with job card printing and have them control job retentions all within ABM’s job costing system.

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