7th December 2016

ABM Billfeeds powered by Xtracta FAQ’s

What is ABM Billfeeds and How Does it Work?

What is ABM Billfeeds?

Advanced Business Manager (ABM) Billfeeds is a service that automatically extracts and processes data from business documents, streamlining administrative functions and bringing new efficiencies to the businesses.

Save time, reduce overheads and improve accuracy with ABM billfeeds powered by Xtracta.


What is a workflow in ABM billfeeds? 

 A workflow is a set of processes for handling a single type of document. Documents such as supplier invoices can be scanned and uploaded or emailed directly to the system. 

 Once a document is uploaded or emailed into ABM, its content will be analysed and processed then it will be available for review and approval into the ABM database, with an optional copy of the original document attached.


Who can use ABM billfeeds powered by Xtracta? 

Users of ABM accounting system apply to use the module. Signing up is easy and can be completed on the billfeeds tab in ABM.


Are my documents and information secure? 

Yes, click here to read about our privacy policy.


What document formats do you support? 

ABM billfeeds can read PDFs (Portable Document Format), Images (JPG, PNG, GIG) and Word Documents (DOC).


Does the module store images of my documents?

Yes, a copy of the original document can be stored in ABM and is available on demand to users.


Can I control which documents get processed by the module?

Yes, you can decide which control which documents you want to upload and process by billfeeds.


How long will it take for the module to learn my document formats?

Billfeeds can often read the details of documents with no training required at all. If training is required it may take up to 3 times to learn the document.


How long does it take to process a document?

Typically documents sent to Billfeeds will appear in ABM in 1-2 minutes.


Can I ask my supplier to send the invoice directly into ABM? 

Yes, you can ask your suppliers to send invoices to a unique email address which is set up when you activate a workflow in ABM.


What is the typical learning process? 

If a document isn’t recognized then at least 3 different invoices from the same supplier needs to be processed in the same way.


Can software automatically split a multi-invoice document?

No. You need to manually split the invoices using the option available in the training screen.


Is there a minimum scanning quality (DPI) required? 

No. But better the image quality the better the result.


Setting up and Using ABM billfeeds?


Can I have a free trial of ABM billfeeds for my business? 

If you would like to test more than 10 documents this can be organised. As soon as an ABM site starts to use ABM billfeeds by Xtracta on a live system and the document total is greater than 10, a plan will have to be purchased. Plans can be purchased via an onscreen selection process.


Where do I download ABM billfeeds by Xtracta? 

ABM billfeeds by Xtracta will be automatically installed as part of ABM from ABM 10 onwards.  To use ABM billfeeds in ABM 9 please contact your ABM Solution Provider who will be able to supply the required application files.


What Does it Cost and How Do I Get Billed?


What are my subscription choices?

ABM  billfeeds  
Per Document
Per Document

Up to 10 documents per month





Up to 100 documents





Up to 250 documents





Up to 500 documents





Up to 1000 documents





Up to 5000 documents





*Prices are correct as at 28/02/2017






ABM billfeeds – Booster packs – valid over 12 month period






500 Documents


1000 Documents


5000 Documents


















Subscriptions plans can be taken on a monthly or annual basis. 


What is the minimum subscription period? 

There is none. Whenever you cancel, you will not be billed for any more payments after your current subscription expires. 


What if I don't use all of my documents within my subscription period? 

Documents are only valid for the specific subscription period so unfortunately they are lost.


What if I need to upgrade/downgrade my subscription? 

There is an onscreen facility to upgrade/downgrade your plan. Remaining documents from upgraded plans are credited against the cost of the upgrade.


Can I unsubscribe from my plan or do I have to pay extra? 

Yes, you can unsubscribe and you will not have to pay extra.


 If I upgrade or downgrade my subscription, when does this take effect? 

When you upgrade your subscription, it will take effect from that date. This new date will become your renewal date. If you downgrade, your current month will run its course until your renewal date, then the plan will be downgraded.


When does the month start and finish as far as the subscription is concerned? 

Subscription is from the date you sign up to a subscription plan and pay for it. You will be billed on a monthly or annual basis once the subscription period rolls over. 


What if I have a busy month and need more documents than my subscription provides for? 

No problem. You have a couple of choices:

You can purchase a booster pack of 500, 1000 or 5000 documents. These packs are valid for 12 months and are used automatically as required.

Or you can renew your current subscription plan via the on screen plan selection screen.  If you renew your plan before an expiry date your subscription plan renewal date will change to reflect the new dates.


How will I be billed? 

ABM billfeeds will invoice you directly.


Can I pay online?

We will introduce online payment options soon.


How do I know my renewal date? 

Your renewal date is displayed at the top right of your ABM billfeeds screen. 


How do I know the number of documents I have available in my plan? 

The number of documents will be displayed at the top right of your Billfeeds screen.