24th March 2015


 NETSTOCK is an affordable cloud application that helps companies reduce excess inventory and free up working capital while minimising stock-outs and increasing revenue.NETSTOCK

Advanced Business Manager (ABM) and Netstock work together to provide visibility of inventory levels and investment, produce quality forecasts and optimal replenishment recommendations. Visual dashboards display are also available which show the overall inventory performance and provide early warning of items needing attention.

NETSTOCK is easy to use, quick to adopt and can be accessed anytime, anywhere via web browser or mobile device.

ABM has partnered with Netstock and the two companies work closely together to ensure the product offers the best integration and support to ABM customers for current and future versions


  • Significantly reduce the time spent on planning, forecasting and ordering.
  • Improve fill rates by 2%-10%, minimize stock-outs and increase sales.
  • Reduce inventory by 10%-25%, reduce working capital and improve cash flow
  • Reduce the risk of obsolescence and the need for over-flow warehouses
  • The right inventory in the right place at the right time, helping you to grow your business


Dashboard provide visibilitynetstock dashboard partial

NETSTOCK delivers an up-to-date view of your inventory, so you know what's going on - and what's going wrong.

Dashboards track KPIs, giving you an unprecedented visibility into the health of your inventory and the purity of your data.

Classification provides focus

NETSTOCK gives you the tools to focus your energy where it will have the most impact, so you can continue growing your business.

Classify your stocked items by both value and velocity to learn new insights about your inventory with the app's classification matrix.

Identify your fast moving high value items, your slow moving expensive items, or your fast moving inexpensive items.

Save time creating and reviewing forecasts

NETSTOCK generates accurate, data-based forecasts that save you time, hassle, and errors of manual forecasting.

Best-fit forecasting creates high quality forecasts for the bulk of your items, while the dashboard highlights the small percentage of items that need manual intervention.

NETSTOCK gives you the tools to create the best possible forecast, resulting in optimal purchasing and planning - helping you to grow your business.

Create orders at the click of a button

NETSTOCK automatically collects, collates, and processes your inventory data, presenting you with ideal order recommendations with one click.

Easily resolve how to fill containers by volume or weight, or to meet supplier imposed minimum unit quantities or order values.

Order ahead when buyers are due to go on leave or to cater for supplier shutdowns such as Chinese New Year.

Review, download, and import orders, saving you time and improving your ordering process.

Easy-to-use graphical user interfaceNS

The easy-to-use interface for desktops, tablets and mobile devices has been designed to be as intuitive as possible.

Standard web behaviour enables intuitive navigation and improved ease-of-use.

Built-in support tips provide more detailed explanations.

Rich, dynamic graphics enhance understanding.

Filter listings and download them to a CSV file, or drill through to individual item details.

Click here to watch our video to see how NETSTOCK can reduce excess inventory, minimise stock outs and produce orders in minutes for your business.