ABM User Day - Christchurch 2017

5th July 2017

Advanced Business Manager (NZ) hosted an ABM User day in Christchurch at The George hotel.

Thank you very much to everyone who attended the ABM User Day, it was great to see so many familiar faces.

We hope you found your time at the User Day to be worthwhile and enjoyable.

Chris and Richard from ABM had a great time discussing a range of topics including:

  • ABM Billfeeds
  • ABM Timesheets
  • And much more 

Mobile Timesheet screenshot

ABM Billfeeds -Advanced Business Manager has the capability to automatically extract and process data from your business documents, streamlining administration functions and bringing new efficiencies to ABM users’ businesses. Documents such as supplier invoices, customer orders and remittances can be scanned and uploaded or emailed directly to the system.


ABM CRM- This allows staff that are primarily out of the office to have access to important customer information when they need it. Improving information capture and eliminating double entry of data.

If your business is focused on customer retention or generation, then managing customer information is vital. Customer information such as contacts, activities and opportunities are available to view without ever setting foot in the office.

 Mobile CRM

ABM Mobile Timesheets -The ABM Timesheet Mobile application allows users to receive job notifications in the field, and to record time and costs without ever setting foot in the office.

This allows staff that are primarily out of the office to record their time using a simple application which automatically uploads data to the system, ensuring timesheets are never lost again. By having staff enter their time as they are working, accuracy and timeliness of the information are improved.

If you would like to give ABM Billfeeds, Mobile CRM or Mobile Timesheets a go, please get in contact.