ABM 9 now available!

28th April 2016

Now Available








ABM 9 is available!

If you would like to discuss ABM 9 please get in touch with your local support partner.

ABM 9 includes a range of changes to improve functionality across the whole system focusing on Warehousing, Stocktaking, performance and much more.


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These include:

  • Printing customer receipts
  • Better drill-down for order tracking
  • Stocktaking warehousing bins
  • Improvements to job retentions and stage information
  • Recording of product creation dates
  • Drill down to the batch details from transaction lists
  • New fields in the column chooser – various new fields have been added to a number of lists to allow easier viewing without having to drill down
  • Customer recent sales and Supplier recent purchases lists can be filtered and searched
  • Transaction due date now shown on receipt and payment allocation screens
  • Custom actions now available to run from account viewersImproved speed loading  and saving general ledger budgets when editing
  • Ability to create purchase requisitions from job estimates as a precursor to turning them into purchase orders.
  • Changes to Structured Stock to provide greater control over the order that sizes and colours are presented on ABM screens and documents.
  • Performance improvements when displaying very large lists of accounts

Further improvements that will be released in service packs include:

  • Warehousing
  • Stocktaking
  • Managing transfers between locations




ABM has the new capability to automatically extract and process data from your business documents. Save time entering documents like invoices, orders and receipts by simply scanning and uploading or emailing directly into ABM.

Once a document is uploaded or emailed into ABM, its data will be read and it will be available for review and approval into the ABM database in seconds with a copy of the original document attached. The service can work with scanned, photographed (great for receipts) or digital documents such as PDF or word documents.


  • Process purchase invoices
  • Match against purchase orders
  • Store document image for reference
  • Manual or automatic approval for processing
  • Customisable for your business processes

 If you would like to discuss ABM 9 or ABM data extraction please get in contact with your local support partner.